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Foster Program

Provide a temporary home

Want to save a life, but can’t afford the long-term commitment? Consider joining our foster program…it’s FREE!


Foster homes provide a safe place for animals to heal, grow and develop outside of a shelter environment. We have both short-term and long-term foster opportunities. Throughout the foster experience, you will receive regular communication from HSLC staff regarding progress checks and updates.

HSLC provides all necessities associated with caring for a dog or cat in your home (food, toys, medications, etc). Any medical treatment is covered as long as the animal is brought to one of our participating veterinary clinics. If a personal pet contracts an illness from a foster animal, HSLC will NOT cover the expense to treat your animal.



Why do shelter animals need to be fostered?
  • Age/growth – Sometimes we have animals in our care who are simply too young or underweight to be placed up for adoption right away.

  • Behavior – These animals need help gaining confidence or learning certain manners to help prime them for a happy, long-lasting life in their new home.

  • Medical - Some animals may need to recover from an illness or injury before they’re able to be placed in a home.

  • Expansion of lifesaving capacity - Every animal in a foster home frees up space in our shelter for more animals, thus increasing our capacity to save lives!



Join our Foster Progam

Fill out a Foster Application and contact our shelter to discuss opportunities that best fit you. We are always in need of foster homes!

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