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Declawing Cats

Declawing your cat

We at the Humane Society of Lake County do NOT believe in the declawing of cats.  We will accept cats who have been declawed but we do not assist in making arrangements for this procedure.  If you are thinking of adopting and declawing one of our cats we ask that you take a moment to consider the information provided on this page.   


Declawing a cat is not a simple procedure.  It is a serious surgery.  The claws are adhered to the bone in such a way that the process requires the amputation of the final joint of your cat's toes. It's like cutting off the tips of your fingers - ouch!











After the surgery your cat must relearn to walk, scratch in the litter box and jump, all while feeling residual pain. Now that their claws are missing the only defense left is their teeth. It has been observed that many cats who are declawed have increased tendency to bite. Perhaps you can see why many countries outlaw delcawing cats, citing it as "inhumane" and "unnecessary mutilation."


Alternative Options

Provide plenty of postivie scratching areas to dissuade them from scratching furniture.  This is usually done with a scratching post. 


The use of Claw Covers/Caps.  These soft caps are adhered to the cats claws, removing the sharpness and keeping them from scratching furniture. 


Clipping/ Trimming your cats claws is also a possibility.  The process is very similar to trimming your own nails and will also reduce damage to furniture. 

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